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Personalised Custom Spotted Gum Silver Handles Serving Board

Our Top 6 Picks for Father’s Day

We understand it can be incredibly difficult finding gift inspiration for good ol’ Dad, particularly if his interests don’t lie in tech gadgets, scotch whiskey or home grooming.

With Father's Day just around the corner, we've put together our top 6 picks to put a big smile on Dad's dial this year.  We create wonderful personalised gifts that stray away from the usual socks and jocks, such as printed beer mugs, engraved wooden watches, as well as engraved cheeseboards, chopping boards and pizza boards.

A personalised gift is the perfect blend of thoughtfulness and charm, and a great idea for that hard-to-buy-for man! Check out these 6 best-selling products from our range:

Personalised King of the BBQ Cheeseboard

This Personalised King of the BBQ Cheeseboard was a huge hit last Father’s Day! Able to be personalised with Dad’s name, as well as his year of birth and a short message, this cheeseboard proclaims him with ultimate title: King of the BBQ! Made from Acacia wood and engraved right here in our Australian workshop, this cheeseboard is sure to ‘wow’ Dad on Father’s Day.

Price: $69.95 Medium or $119.95 Large

Personalised Classic Men's Wooden Watch

Whilst these Personalised Classic Men’s Wooden Watches are amongst our newest range of products, they’ve certainly taken customers by storm! Featuring a beautifully manufactured wooden face, with a genuine leather wristband, we can engrave a special Father’s Day message on the back of the watch. You can even team it up with an engraved watch gift box for a truly special and unique gift.

Price: $89.00

Personalised Brewing Company Beer Mug

What man doesn’t love a nice cold beer at the end of a long hard day?! He’ll love it even more when drinking it out of his very own Personalised Brewing Company Beer Mug! Made to look like his very own brewing company, these beer mugs can be personalised with his name and a year. A gift that will go straight to the pool room to be treasured for many years to come!

Price: $39.95

Personalised Pizzeria Pizza Board

This Personalised Pizzeria Pizza Board is the perfect accessory for the Dad who has taken on the title of household chef. Whether he sports a moustache or not, he will love serving up the family delicious homemade pizzas on his very own engraved pizza board. 

Price: $84.95

Personalised Trademark Brewery Beer Mug

Another great design and gift for the Dad that loves all things beer! Filled to the brim with his favourite frothy beer, this Personalised Trademark Brewery Beer Mug can be personalised with his name and a year. Among one of best selling products last Father’s Day, this beer mug is sure to be a success again!

Price: $39.95

Personalised Farm Fresh Meats Chopping Board

The mother of all chopping boards, this whopping 6kg chopping board is the perfect addition to Dad’s kitchen. Engraved with Personalised Farm Fresh Meats design with your choice of a chicken, cow or pig (whichever meat he finds the juiciest!), he’ll use it every chance he gets.

Price: $225.00


Don't wait until it's too late to get Dad something truly special this Father's Day. Click here to head to our full range of Father's Day Gifts!

Personalised Custom Spotted Gum Silver Handles Serving Board

Creating the Perfect Cheeseboard

Creating the perfect cheeseboard is no easy task!

With so many different options of cheeses, fruits, breads and other accompaniments, it’s very easy to get confused about what pairs with what, and what flavours compliment each other. While I was searching around on Pinterest the other night for cheeseboard inspiration (how great is Pinterest by the way!), I came across the most magnificent ‘How to Make the Perfect Cheeseboard‘ blog post, complete with a cheese pairing guide.


Cheese Pairing Guide


This handy dandy cheese pairing guide takes you through 12 of the most common and popular cheeses, and the accompaniments that work best with them. For example, cheddar cheese can be paired off with wholegrain crackers, apples, pears, grapes, walnuts and salami. My mouth is watering just thinking about it!

I highly recommend having a copy of this little chart on your phone, so the next time you are standing in the supermarket aisle staring at all the headache-inducing choices, it can help ease away the pain.

“A general rule for pairings is “if it grows together it goes together,” meaning that items from the same region are probably a good match.” – FTD Fresh

This great blog post by FTD Fresh has plenty more tips and tricks for you, like how to use the right utensils to cut the cheese in the appropriate way. They also go step-by-step through all the different types of cheeses, as well as a quick overview on why the accompaniments listed work so well together.

You can read the full blog here. 


Creating the perfect cheeseboard – it truly is an art!

Have you put together a killer cheeseboard for a party? We’d love to hear all about it. Better yet, send us a picture!


Ready to start shopping for your personalised cheeseboard? Check out our Personalised Cheeseboards today!





Personalised Custom Spotted Gum Silver Handles Serving Board

Meet the team at Gift Society



You might think that Gift Society is a big company based in a capital city with over 20 staff members. In truth, we are just a small family-run business, operating out of the reasonably small town of Albury, NSW.

There’s just the 3 of us working here on a daily basis – Brian (aka the Dad), Alex (the son) and Sophie (the eldest daughter). Portia, the littlest of the McKeon clan, lives down in Melbourne studying to be a nutritionist.


Most recently, we added the gorgeous little Lincoln to our staff… well, she doesn’t get paid or anything, but she does provide a lot of entertainment around the office!

After losing our beautiful wife and mum to breast cancer in 2013, we’ve become an incredibly close little family. Sure, we argue at least twice a week about the trivial things like which picture to put up on Instagram, or the classic lose-the-attitude fight, but for the most part, working together is a breeze. Brian floats in and out of the office as a semi-retiree, while Alex and Sophie are the ones behind everything you see online, from the website to social media and everything else in between.


The opinions of our customers are so important to us! After all, our business wouldn’t exist without our customers.

Alex and Sophie - 1990

Brian and Alex - 1988

Portia, Sophie and Alex - 1997

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