Creating the Perfect Cheeseboard

Creating the perfect cheeseboard is no easy task!

With so many different options of cheeses, fruits, breads and other accompaniments, it’s very easy to get confused about what pairs with what, and what flavours compliment each other. While I was searching around on Pinterest the other night for cheeseboard inspiration (how great is Pinterest by the way!), I came across the most magnificent ‘How to Make the Perfect Cheeseboard‘ blog post, complete with a cheese pairing guide.


Cheese Pairing Guide


This handy dandy cheese pairing guide takes you through 12 of the most common and popular cheeses, and the accompaniments that work best with them. For example, cheddar cheese can be paired off with wholegrain crackers, apples, pears, grapes, walnuts and salami. My mouth is watering just thinking about it!

I highly recommend having a copy of this little chart on your phone, so the next time you are standing in the supermarket aisle staring at all the headache-inducing choices, it can help ease away the pain.

“A general rule for pairings is “if it grows together it goes together,” meaning that items from the same region are probably a good match.” – FTD Fresh

This great blog post by FTD Fresh has plenty more tips and tricks for you, like how to use the right utensils to cut the cheese in the appropriate way. They also go step-by-step through all the different types of cheeses, as well as a quick overview on why the accompaniments listed work so well together.

You can read the full blog here. 


Creating the perfect cheeseboard – it truly is an art!

Have you put together a killer cheeseboard for a party? We’d love to hear all about it. Better yet, send us a picture!


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