Corporate Enquiries

Make a lasting impression on customers and clients, with personalised corporate gifts!

We offer the following options for corporate customers:

OPTION 1 - 1-2 Items per Order

For this option, each product will be engraved/printed with a business logo as well as individual personalisation details of your customer or client. For example, thank you gifts for real estate purchases can be engraved with their full name, as well as a short message and business logo. Due to each product being made to order, and each item incurring its own shipping cost, the pricing for Option 1 is as per the products listed on our website. These prices are; 

Personalised Custom Round Cheeseboard

Medium Round Cheeseboard (30cm x 30cm) - $69.95

Large Round Cheeseboard (40cm x 40cm) - $119.95

Personalised Custom Rectangle Cheeseboard

Large Rectangle Cheeseboard (35cm x 20cm) - $69.95

Small Rectangle Cheeseboard (30cm x 18cm) - $49.95

Medium Chopping Board (35cm x 25cm) - $74.95

Extra Large Chopping Board (45cm x 35cm) - $89.95

Pizza Board (35.5cm x 35.5cm) - $84.95

Australian Spotted Gum or Blue Gum Chopping Board with Silver or Black Handles (40cm x 19cm) - $110.00

Rectangle Chopping Board (50.8cm x 35.5cm) - $124.95

Round Chopping Board (38cm x 38cm) - $124.95

Beer Mug (568ml) - $39.95

Personalised Cork Men's Wooden Watch

Wooden Watches - Pricing varies per style

$89.00 - $129.00

OPTION 2 - Small Bulk order of 3-19 items

We are able to offer a 10% discount  on small bulk orders of 3-9 items, for example, should you wish to consolidate all orders for a period of time (i.e. one week or one month). This is a great option for end of month thank you gifts, settlements taking place at one time, etc. . These items can each be personalised with client details, a message or a business logo. 

For design enquiries for this option, please contact

OPTION 3 - Bulk order of 20+ items


For orders of 20+ items, pricing discounts are dependent upon which item is required as well as if items are each personalised or generically branded. For pricing enquiries for this option, please contact Sophie by emailing and include the following information:

  1.  Which product you require (cheeseboards, chopping boards, pizza boards, beer mugs or wooden watches)
  2.  Quantity required
  3.  A hi resolution image of your logo (JPEG, PNG, PSD or AI files preferred)
  4.  A detailed description or hand-drawn image of the design you would like. If you do not have an idea of what design you'd like, we offer design services free of charge.