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You might think that Gift Society is a big company based in a capital city with over 20 staff members. In truth, we are just a small family-run business, operating out of the reasonably small town of Albury, NSW.

There’s just the 3 of us working here on a daily basis – Brian (aka the Dad), Alex (the son) and Sophie (the eldest daughter). Portia, the littlest of the McKeon clan, lives down in Melbourne studying to be a nutritionist.


Most recently, we added the gorgeous little Lincoln to our staff… well, she doesn’t get paid or anything, but she does provide a lot of entertainment around the office!

After losing our beautiful wife and mum to breast cancer in 2013, we’ve become an incredibly close little family. Sure, we argue at least twice a week about the trivial things like which picture to put up on Instagram, or the classic lose-the-attitude fight, but for the most part, working together is a breeze. Brian floats in and out of the office as a semi-retiree, while Alex and Sophie are the ones behind everything you see online, from the website to social media and everything else in between.


The opinions of our customers are so important to us! After all, our business wouldn’t exist without our customers.

Alex and Sophie - 1990

Brian and Alex - 1988

Portia, Sophie and Alex - 1997

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